Caliginosity Take 2: Remixed and Remastered

This album has gone through a bit of TLC, more polished, louder and energetic mixes and beautifully remastered to take advantage of the albums chaoticness and strong sounds.

Out now on  iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and many more digital stores.


1. 1979  (Remastered)

2. Lend me Your Ears% (Remastered)

3. Caliginosity (Remastered)

​4. Escape the Shadows (Album Mix Remastered)

5. Running from Your Fear (Remastered)

6. You Don't Believe Me (Remastered)

7. Lost & Found (Single Remastered)

8. Darker Days (Remastered)

9. Feel This Way Forever (Remastered)

10. Dream Optimiser (Remastered)

11. Waiting For God (Blood on The Risers)*

12. Tell Me About Suicide (Is it Painless?) #

All songs written, produced, engineered, mixed, mastered and recorded by Paul James Barnett.  Remastered by Paul James Barnett.

% contains an excerpt from the 1970 film Julius Ceaser performed by Charlton Heston

* contains excerpts from the paratrooper chant 'Blood on the Risers.... Gory, Gory, What a Hell of a Way to Die (uncredited).

​#contains a sample taken from the 1970 film M.A.S.H: 4077th film and the song 'Suicide is Painless' written by Johnny Mandel (music) and Mike Altman (lyrics), performed by singers John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Ron Hicklin and Ian Freebairn-Smith.


Striving 2 B Original